Helping Your Business Thrive

Talksoon will help your business thrive and drive additional revenue by helping your customers procure telecom, data networking and IT services.

The Rule of 78 will be applicable for you as Trusted Business Advisor.

It’s called the Rule of 78 because, essentially, you multiply the new revenue your company generates in projected recurring sales each year by 78.

Imagine receiving Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR) that grows simply by providing solutions for services that are required by every business. Every business needs voice-, data- and cloud services.

We are master agents for the major UC, CC, Video and Networking suppliers. The partnerships are based on close relationships for many years.

Our Senior Business Development Managers stay in close contact with our vendors and know how the latest developments which enables us to use this knowledge.

Talksoon will invest time and energy to have the best of breed Trusted Business Advisors on board.

Together with the Talksoon Business developers we will help you to accelerate your Business by offering the best available solution for the end-customers.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the industry’s top performing cloud & data companies.

Talksoon combines the solutions from major suppliers in a fully managed service offering.

Our portfolio provides UC(aaS), CC(aaS), Video (aaS), Networking, Digital Signage (aaS), Dedicated Hosting and Security as managed cloud services.

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What Is A Trusted Business Advisor

A Trusted Business Advisor (TBA) can be a company or an individual which functions as a sales agent for Talksoon products and services.

Trusted Business Advisors are a product specialists in the business area of communications-, telecom- and cloud services solutions. They are experts in listening and understanding their customers’ needs and challenges in the area of business communication. Together we will provide recommendations to improve their situation.

For the installation and the use of the recommended solution, our Trusted Business Advisors receive the full support of the qualified Talksoon team and the vendors.

    Why Partner with us

    At Talksoon we see it as our mission to empower and support the success of each of our Trusted Business Advisors. We do this through building the best Trusted Business Advisor community, investing in your growth every step of the way. We make sure you have every opportunity and resource for to succeed at your fingertips. Talksoon and the vendor will support you all the way.


    What is in it for you

    • Driven by the diversity of our portfolio you can have a bigger sales potential
    • You can develop new business without spending too much resources on difficult certifications, Talksoon has them for you.
    • We provide a recurring monthly model based on commission. Commission tracking: Our back-end tracking systems ensure the proper commissions are paid to you. We manage the audit and carrier dispute process from end-to-end to protect your revenue..
    • Know what you’ll be paid: We transparently communicate all commissions for you from each supplier so you will clearly understand what you are going to be paid on each customer contract.
    • Supplier Agnostic: We are not obligated to any one supplier. We believe your customers should get the BEST solution and unbiased service to meet their needs. No vendor commitments, you can choose fairly the solution which fits the need of your end-customer.
    • No monthly minimum sales requirement: You will not lose access to these suppliers if you do not make any sales quota.

    What do we offer


      • Our team will help you get the offers, secure the resources, and support you to close the deal.
      • We help you choose the right supplier based on your customers’ needs.
      • We will help you get quick quote turn-around since many deals are often won or lost based on quote timing.
      • Provide marketing support, webinars and sales training.
      • We do not compete with you, we help you win: We are here to support you in winning the business both now and in the future. Your customer is your customer.
      • We win when you win: We only win when we properly support you and your efforts to sell. We’re here for you!

      Interested to join our community?

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      Working with Talksoon as Trusted Business Advisor you will keep your independence. Joining our community doesn’t under any circumstance create a relationship between the parties, as employer and employee, franchisor and franchisee, or joint venturers. Nor does it establish you as a Talksoon company representative or agent for any purpose other than to market the products. As independent Trusted Business Advisor you are responsible for the expenses and obligations incurred in marketing the products and must pay all taxes due resulting from the compensation payments.

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