LANCOM Systems, the European supplier of network components, and technology services provider Talksoon have signed a cooperation agreement. LANCOM is hereby further expanding its presence in the Benelux. Talksoon, based in Eindhoven, will start offering LANCOM’s complete range of solutions. This includes advanced SD-WAN site connectivity, switches, cloud-managed Wi-Fi and digital signage. This will provide organisations with a fully integrated Network-as-a-Service solution that meets the requirements of the AVG and has the LANCOM Management Cloud at its heart.

With Talksoon as its new technology service provider, LANCOM remains committed to a more cloud-oriented approach. This provides distinctive managed services offered on the basis of innovative cloud-based consumption models, including pay-as-you-grow. This strategic cooperation will enable even more organisations in the Benelux to make use of LANCOM’s integrated network solutions. Both for setting up their digital infrastructure and for securing its reliably. The German network manufacturer has a versatile range of powerful routers, gateways and access points for indoor and outdoor use. The range is completed by multi-gigabit switches, UTM firewalls and the patented LANCOM Wireless ePaper solution, which provides highly efficient digital signage.

Simple and secure orchestration of the network from the cloud

With the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) as the central network orchestrator, all network components (routers, gateways, switches and wireless access points) can be configured and managed in a highly automated manner. This is done using highly advanced Software-defined Networking functionality (Cloud Managed Wi-Fi, SD-WAN and SD-Branch). Developed and hosted in Europe, LMC enables organisations in various sectors such as retail, education and healthcare to easily and securely manage and monitor their entire network infrastructure from the cloud. And thereby meet the strict data protection requirements of the AVG.

“LANCOM’s cloud-managed network solutions play a key role in our vision of fully managed and customer-centric IT services,” said Danny Waardenburg, Talksoon’s CEO. “Secure and reliable connectivity is the backbone of any ‘as-a-service’ model. With LANCOM Systems’ technology, we can offer our customers network solutions and services that fit their specific needs.”

Start of a great collaboration

“We are pleased to welcome Talksoon as a new partner for the Benelux,” said Michael Grundl, vice president of International Sales at LANCOM Systems. “Together, we offer the market access to a unique range of integrated network solutions that are guaranteed to be free of backdoors. We deliver WAN, LAN, WLAN functionality, cybersecurity and digital signage in combination with a powerful cloud platform from a single provider. Organisations can thus rely on a fully integrated Network-as-a-Service solution that meets the requirements of the AVG.”