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Danny Waardenburg

Kirsten de Haas
Senior Business Development Manager

Kirsten de Haas-Hijwegen


Danny Waardenburg

“Both sides are true.”

Danny is well known for his quote “both sides of the story are true”. Before taking a decision he is always willing to hear both sides of the story as he believes that only when you have all the facts you can make a balanced decision.

As CEO of Talksoon Danny is proud that Talksoon delivers a wide variety of solutions which are fast, efficient, and incredibly scalable. Cloud technology also allows business leaders to adapt their expenses, by switching from a CapEx model with a lot of up-front investment to an OpEx model. Our leadership team is committed to deliver the best of class UC(aaS), CC(aaS), Video (aaS), Networking, Hardware(aaS) Digital Signage solutions.

New normal, new thinking, new opportunities ….. we invest time and energy to have the best Trusted Business Advisors on board and create an amazing business community. Together with the Talksoon Business Developers we will help you to accelerate your business and to be a part of the “new normal”.

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Languages: Dutch, English, French and German


“The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team.”

Kirsten de Haas

Senior Business Development Manager

Kirsten de Haas-Hijwegen

“Open and trusted communication with our suppliers and Trusted Business Advisor forms the basis of long term relationships.”

As Senior Business Development Manager Kirsten forms the bridge between suppliers and Trusted Business Advisors. She is all round in this field and supports parties in various aspects of the process from sales to onboarding. One of her strength is her built in rader to spot new opportunities even before they become apparent to others. She uses this skill to enable parties to transform opportunities into sales.

Kirsten experience in the field of partner management is based on her ability to build and maintain long term relationships . She is always looking for new opportunities and aware of developments in the market. She is customer focused and the embodiment of our pay-off “It starts with listening.”

She is well know for her reliability, pro-active communication and enthusiasm. She is looking forward to meeting you soon.

Languages: Dutch and English


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